The Dunelfen Queen's Journey

When the new Gods came and humans forgot them, the Dunelfen Queen took her people to remote hills and forests. For so many years they had watched over humans, had shared triumphs and sad times, received small gifts of honey or mead for favours asked or received; it was sad to be forgotten so easily.

Centuries past, long centuries. As ever, the Dunelfen wore cloaks of enchantment, cloaks that kept them warm or cool at need and kept them safe from prying eyes. The wool cloth was woven for them alone, in small looms and by loving, faithful hands, though it had been many years ago. But they kept faith, hoping that one day people would remember them, that they would once again walk freely in memory and in their high places.

Dunelfen Queen's Journey | Dunelfen Queen Walking

Then one day, word came to the Queen that a cloth called the Dunelfen weave was being fashioned in a Yorkshire mill. Had the Elfen been remembered at last? The Queen decided to make the long journey to the mill town to find out. On foot and alone into a world changed beyond imagining.

Dunelfen Queen's Journey | Dunelfen Queen searching
Dunelfen Queen's Journey | Dunelfen Queen finding

She left her people in their forest hideaway and set off. She crossed the high grasslands, wound down through woods and fields, ever lower, through the grey stone-walled fields and the meadows. Past villages, keeping always fast and silent and almost invisible…. then on to roads and the clamour of cars, down to the town with the mill she was seeking. She flitted through empty markets and shopping streets, down alleys and across urban wastelands  and finally she found the mill.  She waited until it was empty, deserted, early evening with the late sun slanting through high windows, and then she slipped inside. Endless bales of cloth surrounded her, flanked by great machines and underneath, the familiar chuckle of Pennine waters. She walked through room after room, looking at every cloth. And finally, looped elegantly and falling into a soft roll, she found it. The familiar, unmistakable Dunelfen weave. The Dunelfen were remembered, they could walk again.

Of course this is an imagined story, a dream from long-ago days when fairies and elves were real. But sometimes we like to step inside stories and then we make them real. Come with the dun-elfen Queen on her journey…..